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By learning from scattered resources I mean the kind of learning that effective altruists or rationalists do to catch up on the state-of-the-art in EA/rationalist thinking, or the kind of learning that Duncan Sabien mentions of how he learned parkour: "Speaking as someone who pieced together the discipline of parkour back in 2003, from scattered terrible videos (pre Youtube) and a few internet comment boards—pulling together a cohesive and working practice from even the best writeups is a tremendously difficult task."[1]

This kind of learning, where one (1) actively goes searching for many resources (each of which contains only a small amount of information) and (2) receives relatively little feedback from people who know about the topic, seems different from the kind of learning that happens in other situations:

  • in school or apprenticeships, there is usually a teacher/mentor or textbook that contains the vast majority of the information that is to be learned
  • when learning on the job, there are again coworkers/bosses, but also there's constant feedback on job performance

I think maybe a lot of learning that happens in various subcultures is like this. As of 2019, I think learning how to use spaced repetition software is like this.