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This page is a list of learning measures (i.e. measures/metrics for testing what was learned).

Measure name Type Description Example
Free recall Generative? One is given a list of words to memorize. Afterwards (without the list) one is asked to recall as many words as possible from the list.[1]
Cued recall Associative memory
Uncued recognition
Cued recognition
Fill-in-the-blank test
(Associative?) Matching Associative memory
Multiple-choice test (factual, comprehension)
Fact recognition  ?
Concept-relatedness rating task Comprehension/application
Problem-solving test Comprehension/application
Diagram-drawing task
Inference tasks (based on information that is only implied in a text)
Sentence-completion test (similar to fill in the blank?)

Each learning measure also has a "delay" parameter that tests the length of retention of what was learned.

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