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List of learning measures

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This page is a list of learning measures (i.e. measures/metrics for testing what was learned).

Measure name Type Description Example
Free recall Generative? One is given a list of words to memorize. Afterwards (without the list) one is asked to recall as many words as possible from the list.[1]
Cued recall Associative memory One is given a list of words to memorize. Afterwards (without the list), one is given some cues like the first few letters of words in the list, and asked to recall words from the list.[1]
Uncued recognition
Cued recognition
Fill-in-the-blank test
(Associative?) Matching Associative memory
Multiple-choice test (factual, comprehension)
Fact recognition  ?
Concept-relatedness rating task Comprehension/application
Problem-solving test Comprehension/application
Diagram-drawing task
Inference tasks (based on information that is only implied in a text)
Sentence-completion test (similar to fill in the blank?)

Each learning measure also has a "delay" parameter that tests the length of retention of what was learned.

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