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| Note-taking || Retention/distillation || [[Learner]] ||
| Note-taking || Retention/distillation || [[Learner]] ||
| Explaining in one's own words || || [[Learner]] ||

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This page lists and classifies learning and teaching techniques.

Technique Goal Used by Notes
Board technique Explainer
Breaking the plane Explainer
Classroom speech technique
Cold calling Explainer
Define then discuss Explainer
Examples first Explainer
Group calling Explainer
Multiple-choice question Explainer
Questions or comments? Explainer
Spaced repetition Long-term retention Explainer, learner
Active recall Explainer, learner Used by explainer in e.g. cold calling, but used by learner in e.g. flashcards
Passive recall Explainer, learner
Use of worked examples Reduction of cognitive load Explainer
Error-spotting exercise Explainer
Note-taking Retention/distillation Learner
Explaining in one's own words Learner

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