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| [[Classroom speech technique]] || || [[Explainer]] ||
| [[Classroom speech technique]] || || [[Explainer]] ||
| [[In-class desk work]] || || [[Explainer]] ||
| [[Polling]] || Reducing [[illusion of transparency]] || [[Explainer]] ||
| [[Polling]] || Reducing [[illusion of transparency]] || [[Explainer]] ||

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This page lists and classifies learning and teaching techniques.

Technique Goal Used by Notes
Board technique Explainer
Breaking the plane Explainer
Classroom speech technique Explainer
In-class desk work Explainer
Polling Reducing illusion of transparency Explainer
Cold calling Reducing illusion of transparency Explainer
Define then discuss Explainer
Examples first Explainer
Group calling Explainer
Multiple-choice question Explainer
Questions or comments? Explainer
Cramming Passing a test (knowing subject well in a high-stakes situation) Learner
Spaced repetition Long-term retention Explainer, learner
Active recall Retention (short-term or long-term) Explainer, learner Used by explainer in e.g. cold calling, but used by learner in e.g. flashcards
Passive recall Retention (short-term or long-term) Explainer, learner
Use of worked examples Reduction of cognitive load Explainer
Error-spotting exercise Explainer
Note-taking Retention/distillation Learner
Explaining in one's own words Learner
Learning from multiple sources Finding better explanations, communication, learning contingencies, learning in more breadth and depth Learner
Guessing what comes next/proving theorems yourself Learner
Building a subject from first-principles Explainer

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