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Scope for improvement

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Relation to idea inoculation
==Relation to idea inoculation==
Scope for improvement seems related to [[idea inoculation]] and [[inferential distance]]. If the scope for improvement of a technique is not made clear on initial exposure to the technique (e.g. due to a large inferential distance between the [[Explainer|person explaining the technique]] and the [[Learner|person reading about the technique]], or the person explaining the technique not being an expert), then this person can develop a resistance to further attempts to explain the technique (due to idea inoculation).<ref>Duncan A. Sabien. [ "Idea Inoculation + Inferential Distance"]. July 27, 2018. ''Medium''. Retrieved October 12, 2018.</ref><ref>Kaj Sotala. [ on "The Happiness Code: Cold, hard rationality"]. January 15, 2016. ''Hacker News''. Retrieved October 12, 2018.</ref><ref>Duncan Sabien. [ on "Unofficial Canon on Applied Rationality"]. February 15, 2016. ''LessWrong''. Retrieved October 12, 2018.</ref>

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