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Importance of struggling in learning

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* "Struggling is important/essential for understanding" view: A good explanation should be effortful for the [[learner]] to process. It should e.g. present misconceptions and make the learner to "do the work".
The truth might be some sort of mixture. To optimize for struggle would be to e.g. put the [[learner]] in a psychologically stressful state, with little support, to deliberately confuse them, etc., which seems unhelpful. On the other hand, it isn't clear what a totally intuitive explanation would look like. There might even be a "valley of bad intuitiveness", where a small amount of intuitiveness is bad.
For learners, there is a temptation to [[Learning from multiple sources|search for the "clear explanations"]]. And to some extent this makes sense because some explanations really are awful. But is there a danger in finding and learning from explanations that make a subject "too easy"/deceptively easy?

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