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What do I mean by a working model? Setting the context:

  • If a subject wiki was a SQL database, what would be the tables and what would be columns in each table?
  • If a subject wiki was an object-oriented program, what would be the classes, and what fields would those classes have?

Learning technique


  • Goal/sales pitch: How does this technique improve learning, retention, or transparency? What problem encountered in learning does this technique address? Why would one expect this technique to work at all?
  • User: Does the learner or explainer use this technique?
  • Requirements/genericity
    • Conditions: Under what learning conditions can this be applied?
    • Material: What kinds of material are required? Does any software exist to make this technique particularly easy to implement?
  • Training
    • Scope for improvement
  • Evidence: studies, data, anecdotes, opinion pieces
  • See also
  • References
  • External links

Learning method

Learning measure