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Switch off

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Broad reasons for switch off
* They find it hard to follow the physical format of the learning presentation. For instance, their eyesight prevents them from clearly reading what is written on the board. The internet connection may be taking ages to stream the video they're watching to learn the material. They may have a hard time understanding the instructor's accent.
===Lack of motivationor interest===
Learners are likely to switch off if they don't get a sense of the ''purpose'' or ''motivation'' of what they're learning. Here, motivation is construed broadly. Some learners may prefer intrinsic, knowledge-based motivation, such as how learning what they're learning now will help them with future learning. Some learners may prefer motivation based on real-world application. Some learners may respond best to motivation in terms of whether the material will affect their grades.
===Low opinion of format of learning===
In some cases, students attend lectures because attendance is required or on the off-chance that instructors will say something important, but they don't use lectures as an important source of learning, because they don't learn much from lectures (this could be due to lectures in general being unsuitable, or the particular lecturer's style being unsuitable). In this case, the switch off may well be a conscious decision.

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