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In-class desk work

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* In-class desk work allows instructors to get a clearer sense of the conceptual models developed by a large number of students. This is particularly advantageous compared with polling, because the instructor can see the first attempts of a number of students without the students being influenced by the class consensus. Polling can achieve a similar effect as in-class desk work, but required more technological infrastructure, and does not allow for the more long-form diagnosis that in-class desk work facilitates.
* In-class desk work allows instructors to [[breaking the plane|break the plane]] in the classroom and interact better with the students.
* In-class desk work takes a lot of time, and may not offer much value relative to having students do homework to practice material.
* In-class desk work can sometimes generate hostility from students who feel more constrained to work on what the instructor tells them, and don't like that.
==Parameters relevant to in-class desk work==

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