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List of terms related to generation

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| [[Active recall]]/[[quiz and recall]] || || [[Passive recall]]
| [[Testing effect]] || A phenomenon where retrieval practice enhances [[retention]] (compared to what?). This effect justifies active recall as a study method. |||-| [[Pretesting effect]] || A phenomenon where even failing to produce the correct answer or testing before learning a material improves test scores relative to regular studying (what is regular studying?).<ref>[ "The Pre-Testing Effect"]. ''The University of Chicago Learning Lab''. Retrieved November 6, 2018.</ref> This effect justifies generation, especially generation before learning a topic ([[meditation]], [[inquiry-based learning]], etc.). || [[Errorless learning]]|-| [[Generation effect]] || There is at least one paper (by Slamecka and Graf) that uses this term. But is it different from the pretesting effect? |||-| [[Meditation]] || A term used by [[Eliezer Yudkowsky]] to describe an exercise for the reader that the reader is encouraged to complete ''before'' reading on. || There isn't really an antonym for this (because there are many alternatives to passive reading), but meditations are intended to be contrasted with normal (passive) reading
* [[Summary table of methods of recall]]
* [[Importance of struggling in learning]]

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