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| School or college classroom where students have signed up for a course together || Most college and university courses are structured like this. Some high school elective courses are also similarly structured || The set of learners is the set of students who have signed up for a course, and more specifically for a particular section of the course with the specific instructor. The act of signing up may be constrained by various factors, such as degree requirements that cause them to sign up, availability of slots, time constraints, and prerequisite requirements imposed by the educational institution. In most such cases, the majority of students are close by in educational stage (e.g., the same year of college) but there could be a few students at much earlier or later overall educational stages; there could also be courses where the set of learners is not clustered around a specific educational stage.
| Seminar or colloquium (single or series) || Typically found in universities, these are individual talks or series of talks where a domain expert presents material to an audience that has some interest in the domain but may not know as much || The "learners" in this case are voluntary and, in many cases, walk-in: they choose to attend the seminar or colloquium, and are under no obligation to attend or stay. The learners may include people who are peers of or even senior to the explainer.

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