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Explainer autonomy
| The mode of instruction || Explainers may be limited to a specific mode of instruction (such as [[direct instruction]] or inquiry-based learning) and may also be constrained in other tools they are allowed to use. For instance, explainers may be required to give homework, or forbidden from giving homework.
| The [[classroom class script]] and [[classroom class screenplay]] || Even with a fixed material to be covered and a predetermined mode of instruction, the explainer may have considerable flexibility to define and shape the classroom script -- what exactly to say when, how to use the boards and other props, whom to cold call, etc. On the other hand, there are educational contexts where the classroom script is basically provided to the explainer, who simply needs to execute on it more or less mechanically (albeit the explainer's knowledge and skill may still be needed to address learner questions or help clarify misconceptions). More scripted classrooms can reduce variance in outcomes but reduce the explainer's flexibility to adapt to the context of the learners; it makes sense when a huge amount of research into learner outcomes has gone in preparing the script, sufficient to offset the reduction in explainer flexibility. It may also make sense when the explainer is not as good at adapting to feedback from learners, so the loss of flexibility does not cause much loss.

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