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Cold calling

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Cold calling (or rather, whether and how it is used) is an important element of [[classroom instruction as performance]].
==Related methods==
* [[Polling]]
* [[Group calling]]
* [[Voluntary participation]]
Some instructors may make performance on cold calling may be part of a participation grade. Other instructors may choose to not use performance on cold calling as an input to determining the grade at all.
==Atypical forms of cold calling==
===Cold calling about subjective experience and self-evaluation===
The [[questions or comments?]] question, instead of being addressed to the class at large, may be used as a cold calling question. Similar cold call questions include:
* Do you feel like you understood this?
* Do you think you will be able to solve this type of question?
Such self-evaluation questions might on occasion be followed by demands for further explanation in the case that the student says that he/she has understood the material, and on occasion be followed by a repetition of the material for the whole class in the case that the student confesses confusion. This form of cold calling works best if it is clear to the student that the instructor genuinely wants to know and is not merely looking for a pre-determined answer. However, the [[notorious unreliability of self-evaluation]], as well as the [[double illusion of transparency]], mean that mere subjective self-evaluation should not be weighted too highly.
==In practice==

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