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Video games have "let's play" videos where someone (often an experienced player) plays through a video game while giving commentary. Similarly, there exist "live coding" videos where an experienced programmer builds a program from scratch on video, as well as "developer streams" where people live-stream themselves programming.[1] There are even videos of people solving algorithms problems in real time.[2][3] There don't seem to be similar videos about math (e.g. videos where someone tries to solve a problem, understand a definition, understand a theorem, or explain a concept without preparation in real time). The closest things that seem to exist are:

  • Fully scripted or planned explanation videos, e.g. Khan Academy, 3Blue1Brown
  • In-person lectures where the lecturer has not prepared at all, so works through the proofs in real time[4]
  • Some written logs of people solving certain math problems[5]

The intended audience for a "live math" video need not be a beginner in the subject; instead, the audience can be someone who has gone through the material once, so that the video can spend time pointing out more of the interesting/subtle stuff. (This is similar to how a "let's play" video can be watched by someone who has already played through a game once, so that the video can focus on secrets/advanced techniques.)

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  2. HaskellRank is a series of videos on YouTube by Alexey Kutepov, where in each video Kutepov solves some problems from HackerRank in Haskell while explaining how to come up with the solution.
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