Techniques for reducing cognitive load

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This page lists learning techniques for reducing cognitive load.

  • Worked-example effect
  • Spaced repetition (kind of, especially when used in a specific way; see [1] for some ideas)
  • Related to the previous point, but spending a lot of time with the "basic conceptual building blocks" for an idea before moving on to the idea itself, i.e. making sure you understand the prerequisites well.
  • In math, various ways of justifying steps differ in terms of cognitive load:
    • Having a string of equalities like A=B=C=D and saying "where the first equality follows from ..., the second follows from ..."
    • A format like:
A = B (justification 1)
= C (justification 2)
= D (justification 3)
    • Tabular proofs with a justification column