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Property/attribute MMBN Math/AI safety Vimscript/vimrc
addicting/feeling of being engrossed yes no yes
important no yes no
instant feedback yes no yes
collecting things yes  ?  ?
mentally easy yes no most of the time
livelihood could depend on it no yes no
multiple threads that can be pursued yes yes yes
social competition no yes no
early on, you are told the point of the thing you're doing yes no yes
varied repetitiveness (i.e. not grinding) yes no no
dominance reasoning/upgrades yes no yes
randomness/surprise yes no no
pre-made dependency tree yes[notes 1] no no
tacit linearity yes no?[notes 2] no
large class from which to pull strategies no yes yes?
tinkering mechanics yes no yes
pressure to keep doing better/find flaws in what I am doing no yes[notes 3] no

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  1. See "Games help players make and adapt plans" [1] for kind of thing I mean here. In a game like MMBN the next thing to do is basically obvious.
  2. not for mathematics as a whole, but a single textbook does have linear structure
  3. this is more of an AI safety thing, not a math thing